After a "painful" absence last year, Kim makes an emotional comeback.

on Nov 6, 2012 - The Dish0

Kim Richards
Kim Richards had a tough time during the filming of the second season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as anyone who watched certainly knows. So it's not a shocker that she opted out of blogging for those very same reasons. Well, Kim's sober, the third season is here -- and she's back in the blogging game!

Kim filed her first blog today, and she's thrilled to be back while also explaining her absence last year. "I apologize for my lack of blogging last season but it was honestly much too painful for me to watch," she writes in the post. "However this season I promise you will see some great changes. . .I am in a wonderful place and working hard on myself. My road to sobriety hasn't been easy but I am fortune enough to have a great support system. Rebuilding my life has had its challenges but it has been so well worth it! My children have been simply amazing!"

Continuing, she goes on to discuss her shaky relationship with her sister Kyle, saying  that "it's no secret we have had our differences" and that fans "have watched our ups and downs, our happy times and our sad times." But, despite the new beginning for Kim and all of the hopes that she and her brunette sis would start anew, "things were awkward." she writes.

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kim, i just finished the tour of your home. very beautiful and homey.  you are a product of years of working in the movies and having people tell you what to do. i enjoy watching you trying to be nice when declining kyles telling you what to do and where to go. good luck and i hope bravo will go into your home with your family, without kyle showing up. i also enjoy how you now just find an excuse to walk away from her and her husband.


Glad you are sober.... but you are still boring and really shouldn't be on this show.  Do you watch yourself???  I'd be ashamed.