Mike Shouhed

Mike can't believe anyone would date GG and understand why his mom, the lioness, is looking out for her cub.

on Jan 20, 2013

This episode was very touching to me! After the BS conversation between GG the "flip flopper" MJ about how what GG did "was no big deal" according to her, we get to some good stuff.

Before I go on though, is GG for real? She assaults someone and acts as if taking out her earrings and acting like an irate viscous dog is OK. LMFAO

I would NEVER date a girl like that! How does Omid put up with her s---? He better be careful before he's the next John Bobbitt.

I'm glad I had a chance to show the world what type of woman I would bring home for mom and dad to meet. Jessica is not only smoking hot, she's smart, caring, sweet, and a respectful young lady with class. She handled her self so well at Shabbat. My mom was digging deep, interrogate her to see what dirt she could find. My girl came thorough with flying colors. Jessica is a champ! Persian moms can be brutal. Love you mommy, I know you're the lioness just looking out for your cub. This one's different though. Mom, I know you're gonna eventually love her.