Destin Pfaff

Destin explains why his millionaire was such an easy sell.

on Jan 10, 2013

Hello New Year and hello Millionaire Matchmaker viewers! We’re back! Miss us? Well, I guess we’re all not back… sadly 2012 saw the passing of one the most important aspects of the show -- my mohawk.  Yes, the ‘hawk flew the coop, and I decided to settle into something that didn’t make my head look so large. What do you think? Patti and Rachel seem happy with it. It’ll take some getting used to, and at least I don’t look like I just stuck my finger in a light socket… at least for now. Next to go?  Either about 20 pounds… or maybe Mara. I haven’t decided yet. 

On to the millionaires. We got a winner and a, well, cocky British sequel. Yep, Brian Holloway the second. That’s right. The second. Sweet Jesus. Pompous. He even had the ridiculousness (which he mistakes for humor) to call his boat Morning Wood. Glad he was Rach’s guy. God love her patience with this chap. That’s about all the breath I’m going to waste there.