The BAM! Squad's Associate Editor wants to work out with Phaedra.

on Jan 14, 2013

You'd think a donkey booty workout video would bring people together, not tear them apart. But alas, it seems this donkey's come between Kenya and Phaedra. Will they able to get past all this booty business?

No. 3 - Do the Funky Donkey with Me

I must confess, some of those workout moves looked kind of fun. Watching Phaedra do her little squat dance made me really want to do a class with her. You'd probably be laughing half the time rather than seriously working out, but hey, laughing is good for the abs, right?

Conversely, Apollo is all business and it scares me. He's like that intimidating trainer you see at the gym telling some poor unfortunate soul to "push through the pain" while they sweat out roughly half their weight. (You then of course run an extra three minutes on the treadmill to make yourself feel better about your own comparatively feeble efforts to stay in shape.)

I have a feeling that in their good cop/bad cop video, a lot of people are going to be fast forwarding Apollo's bench press a car sections to do the Funky Donkey with Phaedra.