Kim Richards

Kim discusses her relationship with her sister and explains her pillow in Europe.

on Apr 6, 2013

Hi everyone! Another season here, and another season gone!

This has been a great year, and one of the most amazing experiences I've gone through! I am not ashamed or embarrassed for anything that has happened this season. Of course, I may not have liked everything, and I’m sure I said the wrong thing or made mistakes. But I'm only human, and I have tried very hard to express myself as honestly as I can! Looking back at myself over this last season, I'm amazed at the changes I've seen! Thank you so much for sharing this growth with me, and for being a part of my sobriety! You have all been such a huge part of me overcoming some huge obstacles! I feel as if we have done this together, and I am forever grateful to you! OK, enough about us. You probably want to know about the reunion, so let's get started. . .

I think you all see that my sister Kyle and I are in a great place today. This season, you saw us struggling, and trying to piece our relationship back together, and we've done it! Over Christmas break, we worked on it while we did Stars in Danger, and now we’ve come full circle. At the Reunion Part 2, I just needed to tell her that moving forward, she needs to be more consistent with what she says to me, and that we need to be more upfront with one another. I want her to know I'll always have her back, and I want to know she will always have mine! The last couple years have been very challenging. I love my sister very much, and we’ve overcome these hurdles together. I truly want to thank you for the support you given Kyle and I through these times! We have really felt your support pushing us forward! Thank you!