Kyle Richards

Kyle is dubious about Carlton's crying and talks about why her conversation with Brandi about Lisa went the way it did.

on Feb 14, 2014

This week is the kick off to some real craziness coming up. Buckle up!

Mauricio and I received an invitation to Carlton and David's event and then after the dinner party received a "disinvite." I think it was a given I wouldn't go, but if Carlton felt the need to make sure I wasn't going to attend, I think the disinviting should have been directed to both Mauricio and myself. I'm not sure if she actually thought my husband would show up without me or she just wanted to add salt to the wound.

My kids laugh about how neurotic I am, and watching me tell Alexia never to leave her drink alone I can see what they mean. I have four daughters and I hear a lot of crazy stories about people putting things in peoples drinks. So, I may be a worrywart, but that's my job.

It was a sweet moment watching Yolanda become a U.S citizen. I laughed watching Yolanda answer the questions because I was thinking that if I had to answer those questions, I might get kicked out of this country!

Brandi and I have never been close. This year I started to get to know her better and understand her more. After Lisa and I had our falling out they became close. When Lisa and I planned the party for Ken and Mauricio we were in a better place than last year and had just started talking more frequently. I was still upset about Lisa bringing up the tabloids for everyone to hear -- and in front of Portia. I felt she was pretending to be supportive while still trying to cast doubt in people's minds (like in her conversation with Ken when he defended Mauricio and she clearly didn't).