Team Top Chef

Ep 6: Eliza goes home? Nooooo!

on Dec 12, 2012


Hello my little, Pratt-Farrises! Before we get into this week's episode, let's discuss last week's Last Chance Kitchen! If you didn't' watch it yet, watch it HERE. After being eliminated for a universally-hated pork burger, CJ and Tyler face Kuniko in the kitchen. Two on one. I think we could go back and forth over whether one person competing against two was a disadvantage, but I'm inclined to think it was an advantage!. CJ and Tyler did get eliminated cooking together after all, didn't they?! This time, the challenge was to not only cook in a team, but to make dessert -- as Tom so appropriately put it, it really was their worst nightmare. Kuniko made a Frozen Banana (hello, Arrested Development fans!) with Fruit Compote and Lemon Curd. CJ and Tyler made Hay Ice Cream with Cherry Fritter, Cherries, and Arugula. If i had to order one, I would've ordered the guys' dish just to try to hay ice cream. Tyler finally got to make a fritter -- something he had wanted to do with the pickles in the chefs' last regular season challenge. Alas, Tom preferred CJ and Tyler's dish and Kuniko goes home. But wait -- not so fast! You can still Save Kuniko! Every week, you get to be the judge and vote for an eliminated chef to return to Last Chance Kitchen for the finale. So, if you think Kuniko got a raw deal, save her! Vote HERE!

OK -- now back to our regularly-scheduled program. We start with a Quickfire judged by the famous (infamous?) Marilyn Hagerty. You will recall that she made headlines back in March when her review of the Olive Garden in Grand Forks, North Dakota went viral -- a word with which Marilyn was unfamiliar. I wish we were all that lucky. Sigh. Padma explains that she has a book in the works with Anthony Bourdain. I have a brook proposal of my own: 'Best of Both Worlds Tour 2012: Restaurant Reviews by Marilyn Hagerty and Pete Wells. Send them both to the same restaurants, say, like Guy's Americain, and see what happens. Anyone in? I'd read the s--- out of that.